Jewelry Appraisal

All-Star Pawn & Gold offers jewelry appraisal services. On each appraisal, the fair market value appraisal is used to determine a fair selling price for an item. Also, keep in mind that while an item may, and probably does, have tremendous sentimental value, an appraisal can only determine the intrinsic value of an item.


For any appraisal, All-Star Pawn & Gold always cleans your jewelry thoroughly before we begin the evaluation process. We also conduct all of our examinations early in the day when we can properly examine each item and give it the time and care that it deserves. Because of this, while all of our appraisals are done on premises, we do not do appraisals while you wait.


How we evaluate your jewelry?

We look at the current condition of the piece and determine if any repair work is needed.

My jewelry needs repair?

If All-Star Pawn & Gold has determined that your piece needs to be repaired, we can help. We offer jewelry & watch repair.

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